The NCL shall consist of
1.  General Council
2.  Executive Committee
3.  Secretariat
4.  Sub-Committee
5.  Associates
6.  Co-opted Members to the Executive Committee
7.  State Council
8.  State Committee
9.  Sectoral Federation
10. Hon. Legal Advisors

General Council

The General Council consists of the representatives of member/affiliate organizations. It shall be the highest decision making body of the organization.

Representation to General Council shall be proportionate to the actual dues paying membership of the member / affiliate organization.  The allocating representation to the General council is as under:

  Up to - 500 members 1 Delegate
From 501 - 1000 members 2 Delegates
From 1001 - 5000 members 3 Delegates
From 5001 - 10,000 members 5 Delegates
Thereafter for every additional 10,000 members 1 Delegate

Executive Committee

The general council elect from its delegates members of Executive Committee consisting of 15 office bearers and 20 committee members who will implement the policies framed by the General Council and shall manage the affairs of the NCL.

  President 1
Vice presidents 4
General Secretary 1
Joint Secretaries 4
Organizing Secretaries 4
Treasurer 1
Executive Committee members 20